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Your body achieves what your mind believes

Empowering individuals with authentic success,

Inspiring the world to harness mind-body potentiality.


Your perceptions and physiology reflect your unique hierarchy of values and offer the greatest feedback on how you are living your life. We ask strategic questions that guide you to access the wisdom of your mind and body, revealing the most efficient path to resolve an issue or achieve a goal. Over several sessions, we impart you with the skills to apply these questions in your every day life, empowering you to manage your emotions, master your mind, and honor your body for authentic health and success. 

Your journey is uniquely yours, as are the pathways that we will uncover together with you. To offer you some possibilities, here are some outcomes that we have achieved for our clients:


  • Managing stress, anxiety, fears and other emotions in the way of peak performance
  • Dissolving emotional bondage and eliminating brain noise
  • Transforming "self-sabotaging" or undesirable behaviors
  • Delivering sounder sleep for increased well-being and a lighter feel to life
  • Uncovering and dissolving the root cause of disease in the body
  • Pain management and transformation
  • Dissolving body-image issues and cultivating self-love
  • Connecting individuals with the wisdom of their body and mind for work-life balance and authentic success


  • Developing certainty, presence, and magnetism
  • Broadening the mind and awakening intuitive faculties for higher level thinking 
  • Leveraging presence and mindfulness for a distinct business advantage
  • Delivering work-life balance for authentic success
  • Creating clarity in vision and certainty in action
  • Increasing confidence and dissolving fears e.g. in public speaking, pitches or networking
  • Dissolving perceptions of loss to uncover golden opportunities
  • Expanding self-worth and time horizons for distinct wealth-building advantage


  • Resolving familial, partnership or friendship conflicts
  • Dissolving grief or loss, dealing with deaths, breakups or divorces
  • Enhancing intimate communication and connection
  • Revitalizing bored or burned-out relationships
  • Eliminating disempowering feelings of blame and victimization
  • Transforming shame and blame to respect and understanding
  • Harmonizing male and female energies

*Our Consultants do not practice  psychology, psychiatry, psychotherapy or psychoanalysis and do not treat disease, prescribe drugs, provide therapy or solve legal problems. We are simply here to offer a new and more profound way of looking at life and assist in changing any stressful situation into a fulfilling condition or experience.

Understanding a key tool used by all members of our team:  


As you work towards your apogee, you may notice all areas of life become increasingly nonlinear and chaotic. Underlying such apparent complexity however is a set of certain natural laws that govern all systems. The Demartini Method® is a cutting-edge methodology that harnesses the power of concrete universal principles to transform complex challenges into opportunities.

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Empowering individuals with authentic health & success, inspiring the world to harness mind-body potentiality.