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15 Minute Discovery Session                                                                                        

Feel like we may be exactly what you are looking for but not quite sure which of our services best meet your needs?


Individual Consultations                                                                                                                

Have an immediate crisis, a specific issue to resolve, or a short-term goal you would like to achieve? Schedule an individual consultation today and receive the option to apply this towards the first session of Apogee's Signature Program.


Apogee's Signature Program

In our experience, the greatest mindset shifts derive from consistent application alongside targeted feedback and refinement. Our Signature Program offers 10 weekly sessions, providing you with the optimal structure and support for guaranteed lifetime success.

Calina will work together with you in the first session to craft a uniquely individualized program and match you with the most suitable Apogee consultant for your needs. Over the next nine sessions, our team will work together to ensure that you achieve maximum results in minimum time, with ease.



Work exclusively with Calina over 10 sessions in Apogee's Elite Program. 


 Individualized Program                                                                                                                   

At Apogee, we are all about crafting individualized solutions to meet your specific needs. Please contact us if you wish to design a program to suit your purposes. 


Pro Bono

We love to serve and connect with the wider community. Each month we pick an individual, couple, or family to work with on a pro bono basis. If you have a unique challenge and would like to be considered for our pro bono program, please send your story to probono@apogeemsc.com and we will be in touch shortly.


We take your privacy seriously. From the first to final point of contact, all information you provide remains strictly confidential. 

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